Ballito, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

One of the more popular of the North Coast resorts.

One of the more popular of the North Coast resorts, this lovely town has wonderful beaches and every facility any visitor could wish for. Willard Beach is a blue flag beach which indicates a high level of service, cleanliness and safety, as well as inherent attractiveness. The surf in Ballito is excellent. It is less than an hour's drive from Durban.


Ballito's origins date back to 1953, when a group of entrepreneurs began investigating land to develop a township in the Compensation beach area.  Proclaimed a township in 1954, Ballito whose name was gleaned from a magazine advertisement meaning Little Ball became a town board in 1966.

The town, which reached borough status in 1986, is well known for its superb, safe beaches. For the small price of a licence, which can be purchased at the Natal Sharks Board, you can pick your own mussels off the rocks, collect oysters or bring in fresh crayfish from the Indian Ocean.


This is the playground of the bottlenose dolphins, which frolic in the waters close to shore and are visible all year round. The dolphins favour this stretch of coastline because of it's relatively clear and shallow waters, allowing dolphins to swim close to shore in order to feed.

Surveys of these waters suggest that they are frequented by a school of about 200 dolphins, which break up into smaller groups. Whales can also be spotted on their annual migration to Mozambique for the summer.