Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

In times gone by, it was the colonial capital of Zululand.

Eshowe, known as 'A City Set on a Hill', is situated close to the capitals of the old Zulu kingdoms. In times gone by, it was the colonial capital of Zululand, and it is steeped in Zulu and colonial history

This historically significant settlement in the heart of Zululand has so much to offer. It's a small, very African town with all the buzz that that implies, but it also has peaceful verdant greenery found in very few urban centres.

Eshowe is built around the Dlinza State Forest - a genuine, green paradise of indigenous forest, right in the middle of town. Here you can stroll along paths and clearings, take out the picnic basket or just lie back and watch the monkeys, birds and small antelope. Even more exciting is the tree-top height platforms which offer birders and botanists a view right into the forest canopy.

For the more culturally minded, the Zululand Museum is housed in Fort Nongqayi and offers an insight into the history of the area - particularly relating to the Anglo-Zulu war era. The nearby Tugela and Buffalo Rivers offer exciting rafting in summer, there is a great multi-day horse trail nearby and many other adventurous activities.

For the less adventurous, but equally energetic, the town has a good golf course. Situated just off the N2, Eshowe is about 140km north of Durban. It is a favourite backpackers' destination.