Giants Castle, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Giant's Castle was originally proclaimed a protected area in 1904.

Giant's Castle was originally proclaimed a protected area in 1904. The peak that gave the region its name is one of the most recognisable in KwaZulu-Natal. The Giant, as it is known, can be conquered by walking up Giant's Castle Pass or taking one of the several rock-climbing routes to the summit.

Also prominent within Giant's Castle is 3 long, unbroken rock walls called Red Wall, Trojan Wall and Long Wall. Visitors can also enjoy the passes that were dynamited during the 19th century to prevent San Bushmen from launching cattle raids against the white settlers in the valleys below.

With more than 5000 San Paintings, Giants Castle has one of Southern Africa's richest stores of rock art. Once inhabited by the San people, the only remainder of their existence is numerous artefacts and rock paintings that decorate the walls of the caves of which they lived in.

The highlight of Giants Castle's cave is definitely the Main Caves' Museum, where audio-visual and standing displays depict the 'home life' of the Bushmen. Visitors can also enjoy game and bird watching.

Look out for rare birds of prey; their eating habits can be studied at the Vulture's Restaurant while trout streams provide visitors with the opportunity of catching their own free lunch!