St Lucia Estuary, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

The village of St Lucia Estuary is a busy little centre that is packed with shops and places to stay. For centuries, people have come to the St. Lucia Estuary for the food, materials, and beauty that it and the surrounding wetlands offer.

The European history of Lake St. Lucia began in 1575, when the Portuguese explorer Manuel Peresterello landed in the area on the feast of St. Lucy. In 1897, the area was designated a Game Reserve. This reserve, together with a number of other conservation areas comprises the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park.

Just across the Mfolozi, self-guided trails reveal the beauty of St Lucia Estuary, beginning on the southern shore with the Umphafa game trail. The short Gwalagwala Trail takes in many bird and animal sights as it wanders through coastal forest on the estuary's edge.

A particular nearby attraction that visitors can visit is the Crocodile Centre that features a breeding programme for 2 endangered African species - the Dwarf and long-snout Crocodile. Mission Rock is a popular outdoor barbeque spot some 15km north of St Lucia village.